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Tiffanie & Shannon: Nags Head, NC Wedding, Nags Head Wedding Photographer

I officially shot my first “beach wedding” in July. Last year, Tiffanie and Shannon asked me to join them for their Nags Head, NC nuptials and because I had only ever been to Nags Head and the Outer Banks one other time (and only for one night), I was excited for another opportunity to explore the area. I was also excited because Tiffanie is the daughter of one of my high school volleyball coaches, Karen. I have nothing but awesome memories from my time as a Lady Gator volleyball player, so reuniting with Karen and her daughters (fellow Geibel alum) was an extra special treat.

Tiffanie and Shannon were married on a Monday, so this was also my first Monday wedding. They decided to give their guests a couple days to travel and get settled before having the wedding festivities, which I think was quite considerate and brilliant of them. Besides, they were at the beach…I’m pretty sure you can break as many rules as you want for your wedding when you’re saying “I do” at the beach. :)

Despite the 90-degree temperatures and blaring sun, Tiffanie and Shannon’s wedding day was relaxed and enjoyable. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly (they even wanted me to come to their after party at the beach house!), and it was an overall easy and smooth affair. We even got to visit the Nags Head Pier for some actual beach pictures…

Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding001 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding009 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding014

Friends wrote notes and shared advice by writing on shells and rocks during Tiffanie’s shower…they brought them to the beach and thought I might like to include them in pictures. :) Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding015 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding028 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding032

There’s Karen and daughter Samantha…taking a selfie!Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding043 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding049

So we weren’t standing in the blaring sun for all the pictures, I found a pretty tree that provided shade and some more attractive light…Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding064 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding072

Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about meeting the guys…and I’m usually nervous when meeting all grooms and their groomsmen. Guys aren’t usually super excited about taking pictures and they sometimes feel awkward when there’s a camera in the room. But Shannon and his groomsmen were immediately friendly, sharing lots of smiles and laughs. Thanks for that, guys!Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding092 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding095 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding106

They even had a picture idea of their own! Hanging out on the balcony, overlooking the beach, enjoying some beers and cigars…works for me!Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding111 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding117

The ceremony and dinner were held at the Tale of the Whale Restaurant in Nags Head…Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding125 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding128 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding134 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding136

And of course custom-made Terrible Towels were included for these southwestern PA Steeler lovers! :) Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding140 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding153 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding158 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding164 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding175 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding182 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding186 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding208

Creating their new family of three…Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding214 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding232 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding281

Time for some fun and sun (and sunglasses) on the beach!Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding282 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding292 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding298 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding302 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding307

Photo bomb!Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding317 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding318 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding324 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding334 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding337 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding342 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding344 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding349

Everyone was so impressed with the cake and it’s details!Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding353 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding364 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding367 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding373 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding376 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding379 Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding386

One last casual capture of Tiffanie…and her new brother-in-law… :)

Tiffanie&Shannon_Wedding391CONGRATS Tiffanie and Shannon! Thanks a million for inviting me to come all the way down to Nags Head for your beach wedding! I had a wonderful time hanging out with your family and friends, and really enjoyed my time in the Outer Banks (I definitely want to go back sometime soon!). I hope your PA wedding reception goes well in a couple weeks! So sorry I’m going to miss that…and Pittsburgh Dad! :) Thanks again for everything!


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