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Shannon: Maternity Portraits, Oakland, MD Photographer

Maternity sessions are a definite new favorite for me. First on my list is of course weddings, then engagement sessions and third maternity sessions. I seem to do really well and feel very comfortable when it’s just me and two other subjects, whether it be an engaged man and woman or a mama-to-be and her baby belly. I’m starting to seriously consider only shooting my favorite things exclusively, but that’s something that’s going to take a lot of time and consideration. To get rid of family, senior and all other kinds of portrait sessions would be a HUGE step for JFP, but if I want to keep my business strong and myself happy, I need to do what I absolutely love. But enough with the business babble, on to Shannon’s maternity portraits…

I met Shannon and Josh at their new home last weekend. Their house was mostly put together with all the furniture, carpet and trimmings, but one thing was missing…the heat! Being from Oakland, MD and very comfortable with the colder weather, Shannon and Josh didn’t mind the chill in the air in their home. While I kept my boots, jacket and scarf on the entire time, I didn’t mind it either. To capture a young couple in love, in their new home, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby…it was simply relaxing, enjoyable and beautiful.

First up, some nursery room details…

Shannon and I established right away that she’s more of a soft smile kind of girl…and boy does she do it well!

One of my favorites from the session!

Time to include Josh! This was right after he so graciously tried to get a burning fire for the background of the pictures. He even went outside and chopped away at some wood to make it happen! I think he’s going to be a great dad. :)

It’s Garrett County and there was a bunch of snow on the ground…it was only appropriate to go outside for some pictures!

Now for some softer, simpler maternity portraits of Shannon…

Don’t worry, I have her permission to share these. :) The light, her soft skin, her baby belly and her calmness is just so beautiful!

I have two newborn sessions in the next few days, including one for the baby I photographed last week as he was literally being delivered into this world. Photographing a birth was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, so I’ll be sharing more about that on the blog later this week. If last week and this week don’t spike my baby fever past 103 degrees, I’m not sure what will! :) STAY TUNED!!!

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