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Kasey & Jay: Light Blue and Colorful Spring Wedding, PA Wedding Photographer

Well, the 2013 wedding season is officially here. It started off with a bang this past Saturday at Kasey and Jay’s beautiful southwest PA wedding. We were blessed with lots of sunshine, warmer temperatures and a crowd of nearly 350 guests that were ready to party and celebrate with Kasey and Jay in true southwest PA style. Polka bridal dance, anyone? ;)

As I mentioned in a post last week, I met Kasey at a wedding in the fall of 2011 and I was super flattered and excited about her enthusiasm towards my photography. She booked me for her own wedding six months later and together, we planned for her photography for a year. Photography was super important to Kasey and she often let me know how excited she was for her pictures…and as a photographer, I loved that. Knowing how excited Kasey was and the importance she had put on getting awesome pictures was flattering and rewarding. To capture such a life-changing event is an honor and I thank Kasey and Jay for trusting me with such an important (and fun!) job.

This post is a big one, y’all! So kick back, relax and enjoy Kasey and Jay’s beautiful, southwest PA wedding. :)


Kasey had two dresses. The one on the right was a special surprise that only a few people knew about, including me! I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open when I first saw this dress. The ruffles were amazing!!!

Kasey’s flowers were done by the super talented Neubauer’s of Uniontown, PA. I highly recommend them!

I love Kasey’s little scrunchy face. :)

Kasey, the bridal curly look works on you…so well!

Kasey wasn’t so sure about this backdrop, but I knew it would make her bridal beauty stand out just a little bit more.

I love a good grandma picture!

Good dip kiss, Mr. and Mrs.! :)

Kasey and Jay decided to have their guests throw sprinkles during their ceremony exit…way cool! My mom captured the next two…

One of my favorite pictures from the day…

Waldo made an appearance at the church for some quick family pictures!

Makin’ Connellsville, PA look good. ;)

In true Southwest PA style, we stopped at a bar before heading out for the fun and formals. Kasey and Jay met at this exact table, so we relived a bit of those first moments.

The guys were quite proud of their fun socks!

We had plenty of time for all kinds of pictures, including more bridal portraits of the beautiful bride. :)

Two more of my favorites from the wedding day! I just love Kasey’s look on the left!

Kasey and her team outdid themselves for the reception. I loved the colorful details, especially the vases! They were collected from yard sales, flea markets, antique stores and retail stores over the past year…

And then there was the impressive, massive cookie table. It’s not a southwest PA wedding without a cookie table!

The wedding party surprised everyone with a little Harlem Shake!

Kasey’s big second-dress reveal! The crowd loved her entrance to Madonna’s “Material Girl”.

Bridal dance time! Whip out the polka music and shots!

The crowd was more than ready for Jay’s attempt to “steal” his bride…

And Jay was more than ready in return…

This was the first time my mom and I conducted a photo booth at a wedding and it was a big hit!

Corbin, you took some epic pictures during the wedding. Definitely album-worthy. ;)

I’ll share the official photo booth pictures next week, but here’s a sneak peek for now!


  1. Terri Crutchman says:

    wow… what a GREAT Wedding.. Many happy wishes, congrats!

  2. Jennifer Files (Weisgerber) says:

    Love the pictures!! Kasey, you and your wedding, look beautiful!!

  3. Lori Kosisko says:

    Love the pictures! Kasey, we had a wonderful time! Everything was beautiful!!! You made a beautiful bride!~ Enjoy your happily ever after* :)

  4. Alicia Heinbaugh says:

    Absolutely love the pictures!! Kasey looks great, and the little details were awesome!!!

  5. Megan Habina says:

    I LOVE ALL OF THESE PICS! Beautiful bride

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