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Jamie & Kevin: Barn at Springfield Farm Wedding, Williamsport, MD Wedding Photographer

Last week I showed you some favorites from Jamie and Kevin’s fabulous fall engagement session (from last year)…and today I’m going to show you their MORE THAN FABULOUS wedding! Jamie and Kevin absolutely outdid themselves when they put together their special day. I’ve seen plenty of weddings with tons of details, but never a wedding with these kind of details. American flags, Coca-Cola bottles, thrifted china plates, handmade wooden walls at an outdoor ceremony, guys sporting their dress blues…Jamie and Kevin’s big day was definitely full of rustic charm. Marine blue Americana charm to be exact. :)

So strap on some cowboy boots, grab a Coke, turn on some Bruce Springsteen and enjoy the love and beauty of Jamie and Kevin’s wedding…it’s going to rock your USA world!

Jamie wore these boots during their engagement session and I’m so glad she decided to bring them back for the wedding day.

Virginia Tech Hokie pride garter!

Jamie’s makeup was done by the lovely Lori Nansi. I worked with her at another wedding last December and I hope to work with her more in the future. Check out her work here.

One of my favorites from the day!

The boys used the parking lot as their dressing room…goodness! :)

Let the detail loveliness begin!!!

The Barn at Springfield Farm is one of my favorite venues!

They’re cute. :)

Love this post-ceremony moment between mother and son…

And I love these post-ceremony moments between bride and groom. :)

Jamie has a scrunchy nose look and I caught it! :)

Another favorite on the left!

And yet another favorite! Jamie totally ROCKED the camera…as predicted. :)

Get ready for some more details, y’all!!!

I always get awesome first dance pictures in this barn. It’s so well-lit and the strings of lights add an extra element of lovely.

I loved the way Jamie’s dress moved on the dance floor…

Me and my bride…and our cowboy boots, of course. :)

Kevin and his grandma sharing a moment…

These are some of the best sparklers I’ve seen! They let off so much light and I was a happy photographer!

Oh Jamie and Kevin…you guys were just too sweet and too easy. I LOVED working with you both during your engagement session and wedding, and I hope we’ll get together again for MORE pictures in the future! You two put together a truly unique and beautiful wedding day and I am so glad I was able to be part of it. You two are the cutest! :)

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  1. Maggie Krzywicki says:

    Love it jess! I love what they did with the barn. I really enjoy seeing what people are doing with it. Im so happy that place is taking off.

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