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How JFP came to be

My story has two important pieces. Art and cameras. I know, I’m a photographer. Art and cameras are important in my profession. But it’s cool how they came to be, so read on…

When I was in elementary school, my grandma introduced me to the world of drawing. She bought me books and had me watch “Pappy Drew It” on tv. Not sure why, but she thought it was important for me to learn to draw. Or maybe she saw something artistic in me?

Skip ahead to middle school. I took a drawing class and was quite good. Was it because my grandma made me watch a silly old man draw silly things on tv? Or was it because I had some sort of artistic talent??

At the same time, my mom (she’s also a professional photographer!) would take me along to assist at her weddings. I didn’t get to do much, just carry some bags and push a button. But I “learned weddings” and what it was like to shoot a wedding.

Now jump ahead to high school. I received my first camera. Nothing fancy, just a regular ol’ point-and-shoot. I took my camera everywhere, printed tons of pictures and scrapbooked to my heart’s content. My camera and I became known as a pair that were inseparable. At the same time, I was taking art classes and considering going to art school for college. Art was knocking at my door again!

It wasn’t until my mom let me shoot with a digital camera (she shot with film for 20 years prior…how did she do it!?) at a wedding did I realize I had an interest in the art of photography. Something beyond carrying bags and being a helper. Something beyond the point-and-shoot and scrapbooking. It was the artistic outlet I’d been unknowingly yearning for all along!

So you see, the art of photography has been in me since I can remember. It’s part of who I am and most people who know me probably wouldn’t know me without my camera. I absolutely love that my interest in art and love of taking pictures is my job and I love that I get to share that with you!

Thanks Pose Photography and Katelyn James Photography for the bio pics. :)

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