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Kara: Mommy & Me Portraits, Garrett County Portrait Photographer

I met Kara and Trevor about 2.5 years ago when they were pregnant with Henry. We first did a maternity session, then a birth session and finally a newborn session. My most memorable experience with them was Henry’s birth because it was my first and only birth photography experience. It was such a neat and fulfilling experience and I really enjoyed hanging out with these guys, so I was secretly hoping they’d ask me to do more pictures. :) When Kara emailed me about a Mommy & Me session this past spring, I knew it would be a perfect opportunity for all of us!

Kara,Trevor and Henry graciously traveled to my backyard for their session. I hadn’t seen any of them in almost 2.5 years so it made for a nice little reunion. We took Henry to the woods, let him play with bubbles and explore like little boys do. Then we let him play on our new swing set while mama Kara and I got to catch up. It was a wonderful session, and a wonderful visit! Enjoy my favorites…


We used the Gazillion Bubbles “Tornado” machine to capture our first pictures. I highly recommend this machine to anyone with kids! It’s only $10 at Walmart and it literally blows a gazillion bubbles. I also recommend buying extra bubbles because you’ll run out quickly. :)



A session favorite!






Our first portraits of mommy and son. :)








I always include dad in the Mommy & Me portraits. He tags along and helps make the kids smile. He deserves it. :)


Henry liked looking for bugs!





Some black and white favorites. :)












A couple of dad and Henry…



Another favorite for me! :)


Blowing dandelions!


So cute…love the smiles!


I think this sums up life with a two-year old quite well. :)



Kara and Trevor, it was so wonderful seeing you all again! Thanks for coming to Maryland and for allowing me to capture more of your life together. You guys have been awesome clients and I hope we can get together again in the future. :)

Teen MOPS: Spring Portraits, Morgantown WV Portrait Photographer

Mountaineer Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) in Morgantown, WV is an outreach ministry for moms under 23 years of age with kiddos five years and younger. The group is designed to walk alongside young moms in the season of early mothering by providing support and resources. I’ve visited this group two times in the past two years and have really enjoyed my time with them. I gift the moms portraits of themselves with their growing babes, I get to join in on their discussion time and hang out with some of my mom friends, who are the group’s leaders. It’s a wonderful, growing ministry lead by some ladies who are very passionate, hard-working and committed when it comes to Teen MOPS and I’m excited to see where the group will go next!

Mountaineer Teen MOPS meets every Wednesday at the Morgantown Church of Christ. Free dinner and childcare is provided so moms can meet, mingle and have some free time. If you’re a young mom in the Morgantown, WV area, I highly recommend checking out this group. Being a member of MOPS at Chestnut Ridge Church has been such a blessing to me and has helped me as a mom. I know Mountaineer Teen MOPS can do the same for young moms, too. :)

Here are some of the portraits we took together last week…


Liliann was one of the littlest babes of the group…



Beau was such an easy baby to photograph! So many smiles and such awareness for the camera…





Such a favorite! :)



I photographed these two when I first met the Teen MOPS group two years ago. Chase has grown into a little big boy since then…







This little guy was the best. He impressed me so much with his willingness to smile and laugh for the camera. :)









How about the one on the left? Karson and his mom snuggling and smiling for the camera…so cute!



Little Evelyn wasn’t too excited for pictures, but in her defense, there was a playground right behind me. I was still able to capture a few portraits of she and her mom…




And lastly, James and his mama…



teenmopsbyjfp14 TeenMOPSbyJFP155

And now the whole group!



Their leaders! Such wonderful ladies and mamas. :)



Thank you for having me, Mountaineer Teen MOPS! I’ll come back anytime! :)

Photog Tips Series: Coming Soon! Garrett County, MD Photographer

I’ve been working on the new website and the JFP rebrand since before 2015. I hired designer Krista A. Jones in December and did all my brainstorming and list-making of ideas over the winter. Then, in February, Krista’s work officially started. The website homepage was first. It included my “refreshed” logo, new colors, new fonts and a new branding element, colorful plaid! It would set the stone for the rest of the website and I bothered Krista with many emails about making it perfect. Since then, Krista has created the weddings and portraits portfolios, and the “adventures page” for the website. We still need to finish the website, but will be moving on to the blog next while we wait for some things.

Here’s a little peek at the homepage. :)


The blog is very important to me. I receive around 3,000 hits each month so making the blog a priority is a no-brainer. Especially since I learned, and have found true, that blogging, sharing (both professionally and personally) and keeping content fresh on the web will help my business grow. Since starting in 2009, my blogging practices have gone up and down. But recently, I think I’ve found a groove and am excited to continue with that groove with a new blog! I’m hoping to keep up my blogging frequency (at least three times a week would be nice) and to blog things quicker, like getting weddings and portrait sessions featured within a week or two of them happening. I also considered the idea of more series. But I realized that keeping up with too many commitments, like too many blog series, just isn’t in the books for me. So I’ll be keeping things simple when it comes to categories on the blog – weddings, engagements, families, newborns, maternity, personal, business, adventures and photog tips.


“Adventures” is something new to the JFP brand. When considering what JFP is and all the pretty pictures and wonderful clients that make up my experiences, I noticed that I’ve been on quite a number of adventures…and it’s been awesome to experience those adventures! A waterskiing engagement session, a wedding ceremony on top of a mountain, a maternity session in the cold snow, and a destination wedding on the white sandy beach of the Bahamas (all seen in the pictures throughout this post)! I love “different” so when I’m given the opportunity to photograph things that are different than the norm, an “adventure”, I experience such a thrill and my creativity is renewed! This is such a blessing in my photography journey and I’m excited to share that and encourage others to consider an adventure, too. So “adventures” is something you’ll see on both the new website and the blog!


I’ve had an interest in teaching and sharing photography with others over the past few years. I’ve taught basic photography classes, I held a photography Q&A in my house, I helped plan and then teach during a styled shoot/workshop, and I’ve also included “mentor meetings” in my services. None of them ever lead to anything super consistent, but to this day, I still enjoy helping other photographers. I get to share my passion, help the industry and do some learning myself! So I am HOPING I can be consistent with a new blog series, “Photog Tips”. Every Friday, or at least a couple times a month, I want to share quick and easy tips for photographers and small business owners. Whether it’s about choosing the best light, purchasing your next lens or how to start a photography business, I’d like to share my thoughts! And in turn, maybe draw more photographer friends to JFP and help those that have already been following. :)


So, I need your thoughts! What photography or business questions do you!? What topics would you like to see covered in the new “Photog Tips” series? I have a few ideas already, but I’ll need more to make sure I’m consistent! Feel free to leave your question or suggested topic in the comments below. And be sure to check back as the busy season goes on for the official launch of the new JFP brand and website/blog!