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April Anniversaries

So, who out there is glad it’s April!?! ME! ME! I know I am! Winter seemed to be a bit longer and colder this year, so when April hit and we started seeing some consistently warm temperatures, I was a happy camper! :)

April means spring time…spring time means warmer weather…and spring time and warmer weather mean it’s wedding season! For me, the 2014 wedding season officially starts THIS weekend! I’m a little nervous since I haven’t been in “wedding mode” since November/December, but I’m excited to get back into the swing of things and take some awesome pictures for some awesome couples. :) Speaking of awesome couples…

My April last year included two weddings with two awesome couples. Both Neeley and Chris and Nikki and Chris were fun, laid-back couples who put a priority on their pictures and making sure their guests had a good time. In turn, both had wonderful weddings that resulted in some beautiful pictures and an enjoyable experience by their photog. ;)

So happy first anniversary Neeley and Chris, and Nikki and Chris! I know you all had lots of fun during your first year and I hope that fun continues for many years to come! Thanks again for asking me to capture your wedding days. :)

Neeley and Chris were married on April 13th. It was a BEAUTIFUL spring day. Since then, these two have started building a house together AND welcomed a baby boy. BIG CONGRATS to them!!!


Neeley was STUNNING!



Hahaha…I love Neeley’s face in this one. :) So glad she was a bride with a fun personality that kept wedding photography a high priority!





Nikki and Chris were married on April 21st…and it was another BEAUTIFUL day. Their wedding was so relaxed, and so easy…




I remember being nervous before asking Nikki and Chris if they’d sit in the grass for some pictures. But I should have known they’d be up for it! And I’m so glad they were…




Happy First Anniversary!!

Jack: Two Month Portraits, Garrett County MD Photographer

Little Mr. Jack-a-rooni is 10 weeks old now! Technically, he’s 2.5 months old and here I am, once again, behind in sharing his portraits. Ah, ’tis the life of a stay-at-home mom, wife and photographer. :)

Jack has been a fairly smiley baby over the past couple of weeks. You can tell he feels some emotion when looking at you and he’s even started to pair his smiles with some giggles and coos. Most recently, I’ve noticed him noticing his hands, and the little toy bugs and monkeys that fly above him in his swing and on his play mat. He’s still a challenging baby, especially in the evenings, but I think his new, smiley disposition makes up for that.

Here’s our little man at two months old…


I think he was practicing his “model look” right here. :)




Please excuse his scratches. He’s a mover and a shaker, and that usually means his fingers are up by his face, moving. We need to clip his nails more often, I suppose.


So smiley! One of my faves of him since he was born. :)



Jack has definitely developed some great baby rolls! Check out those legs!!





Haha the picture on the right is a little humorous. I think he’s upset with his double chin. :)



He started noticing the camera and all its beeps…and that got him excited!




I wonder what he’ll be doing next month!?! Only three weeks left until it’s time for his three-month portraits! I’m excited! :)

Recipe: Peanut Butter-Banana Quesadilla

I usually find all my “new” recipes on Pinterest. My FOOD board is FILLED with so many delicious-looking, easy-t0-make temptations. It’s hard not to want to try all of them! But sometimes my Pinterest attempts fail, so I recently found inspiration elsewhere!

Enter Trader’s Coffee House at Deep Creek Lake! When we moved to Garrett County, MD in the fall, I had my eye on this place. I knew I was going to need to find a friendly place that offered a quiet, casual workspace and free wifi so I didn’t have to work at home all the time. I also wanted an excuse to get out and have coffee with some tasty treats, too. ;)

One of Trader’s tasty treats is the protein wrap. Peanut butter, banana, granola and honey on a wrap and grilled…DELICIOUS! It seemed easy enough to try to recreate at home, so I gave it a whirl and have been eating them ever since. I enjoy them at both breakfast and lunch since the ingredients include sweets, some crunch, fruit and carbs! So here ya go…a Trader’s-inspired Peanut Butter-Banana Quesadilla!

1 wrap (I use tortillas, but wheat wraps would be fine)
1 banana (not too mushy, definitely not super hard either)
2-3 Tbsp peanut butter
Handful of granola
Drizzle of honey

Warm at least a medium-sized skillet to low-medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Spread peanut butter across flat tortilla. Place banana slices on half of the tortilla circle. Sprinkle granola on top of banana slices and then drizzle with honey. Fold in half and place on skillet. Cook a few minutes on each side until peanut butter is melted and tortilla begins to brown. Cut in half for easy eating and ENJOY!




For some recipe variations, try adding raisins to your mix or maybe spread some Nutella along with the peanut butter. Nutella would also make a great dipping “sauce”, but I suggest leaving out the extra sweets to keep this a relatively low-calorie, “healthy” eat. I hope you’ll give the recipe a try! It’s super easy, spur tasty and very satisfying. :)