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Lauren and Jonathan: Fall Engagement Session, Deep Creek Lake MD Photographer

When Lauren scheduled she and Jonathan’s fall engagement session for October 12th, I knew we were going to hit the colorful fall season at exactly the right time. Garrett County, MD fall tends to be a little earlier than the surrounding areas, so shooting just before mid-October is usually the best for foliage in our neck of the woods. As I drove around Garrett County in the days leading up to their session, it was confirmed. The leaves were really colorful and peak was upon us!

After driving around our beautiful area day after day and oohing and awing over the leaves from the window of my car, I got an idea. What if we just drove around the lake and took pictures at every beautiful spot we saw!? There were so many beautiful spots, so it was hard to just pick one, or even a few. I wanted to give Lauren and Jonathan the best, most colorful fall session that I could, and was so happy when they agreed to my newest invention: A Drive-Around Session!

We met at my house and used my neighbor’s yard first. They had a sea of yellow leaves in their backyard and a bright red and orange tree in their front yard just bursting with color. It was definitely a sight to see! After that, we got in my car, I gave them a condensed tour of Deep Creek Lake, and we took pictures whenever there was a colorful backdrop. Sure it was a little bit more work than a normal session and we were in and out of the car about five times. But I think Lauren and Jonathan can agree…it was a great way for the three of us to get to know each other, it added an element of adventure and they got to see some of the real beauty of Garrett County. :)

First up, my neighbor’s backyard! Look at this place! Quite magical, if you ask me. :)


I love their choices of yellow and navy against this fall backdrop…


Oh the black and white…especially the one on the right! Lauren and Jonathan look so good in black and white…as you’ll see throughout this post…


How cute are they!?! They were so friendly and so willing to love on each other a little for the camera…even if it was a completely new thing for them. :)






Looking lovely in black and white again!


Now for my neighbor’s front yard…



This tree! BURSTING with color!!!


More black and white goodness!


Lauren and Jonathan love Harry Potter, so they wanted to incorporate that in the session. We found an old house with lots of colorful leaves along the road during our adventure, and it made an appropriate setting for some Harry Potter reading…






Lauren made those paper flowers! I told her she should definitely make some bouquets for the wedding day.



This was our third stop for the session…




I think we need to repose this on their wedding day. :)


Our fourth stop! More roadside colorfulness at the lake!



I don’t think Lauren knew she could pull off the “model look” so well! Now we know to do this again on the wedding day!


My favorite thing about this portrait: Lauren’s hair sweeping in the wind. :)


Our final stop…docks at the lake.




It wasn’t until the very end of the session that I discovered Jonathan had hot dog socks on! I’m a sucker for unique and fun socks, and I encouraged him to wear them on the wedding day. :)


I forced myself to use my 70-200 2.8 lens during this session and it really paid off! All those close-up black and white portraits that I love? All shot with this lens! Including these final portraits to close out the session…




Lauren and Jonathan are getting married in May and I’m so excited to get them back in front of the camera! They were able to have fun and laugh and snuggle together, but also get a little more serious…and it’s so awesome when a couple can do both! They’ll see a larger variety of portraits in their collections because of it, and I’ll be able to take pictures of them for days! Thanks for coming on my little adventure in Garrett County, you two! See you in May!

Instagram Finds: Check Out These Four Businesses!

Does anyone else love Instagram like I do!?! The picture-taking photographer and mama in me loves it and the naturally nose-y woman in me loves it!┬áPosting daily pictures of life and business and being able to quickly see what everyone else is doing and saying, too!?! It’s like a super condensed version of Facebook that’s far less negative, a faster way to get your social media fix and it’s so much prettier. :)

I use Instagram every day. I post pictures of the kiddos, share JFP portraits and weddings, and try to connect with other photographers and small business owners. I also find photography inspiration and pretty products that I may want to buy in the future. People or businesses that I follow tag and share things from others, and I get curious. So I click around to see if their follow-worthy and I usually find a few that interest me. Most recently, I found five standout small businesses and I thought I’d share them with you today!

Dear Golden

I may never purchase one of their items and I’m not sure I’ll ever be in Michigan to visit their shop, but the pieces they post are lovely to look at! And they usually spark some inspiration. :) They’re a curated vintage shop in Ann Arbor that sells dresses, coats, hats, shoes…all kinds of unique and “old” pieces. My favorites are the bridal gowns. I love when a bride wears something totally unique and “out of the norm” and I think a vintage bridal gown is a good way to do that! I also just think they’re so romantic and inspiring…like this one:

lace dress dear golden

Photo credit Dear Golden

Fresh Light Photography

The light, soft, natural images from this newborn/maternity/family photographer pulled me in right away. Those are three things I’ve been striving for during my newborn and maternity sessions, so naturally I’m inspired by what she posts. Leigh lives in Houston, so just like Dear Golden, I may never actually meet her. But I’ll continue to enjoy her Instagram posts. :)

fresh light screen shot

Mindy Maes Market

If you like bold and stylish clothes and accessories, I think you’ll like this place! They design their own pieces and aren’t afraid to mix prints and colors, which I love! A red and pink floral skirt with a black and white top!? I would never think to put the two together, but they did and it looks awesome! They’re pieces are also affordable, which is HUGE in my book. I can’t afford $100 for a nice skirt. But $39.99 for the one pictured below is definitely doable. :)

mindy maes market

Photo credit Mindy Maes Market

Minky and Prickett

If I see a colorful and cute kid product when browsing through Instagram, I stop. I have two kiddos (ages 4 and 1) so I’m naturally drawn to things that might be suitable for them…or help increase their cute-ness a little. :) I believe I found Minky & Prickett through someone else that I’m following on Instagram. They were either giving away one of her products or they were simply sharing the cute-ness! Whatever it was, it caught my eye and I had to find out more. M&P is all about “fresh. functional. fun” and two of those words strongly resonate with me (JFP…FUN. FRESH. Colorful photography! :) ) She’s also a mama of four making handmade goodies, so she gets two extra stars in my book! Unfortunately I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I’ve been tempted! She also just launched a new website that’s full of cute-ness, too!

minky and prickett screen shot


So there’s a little “Friday Fun” for ya! If you’re in the mood for some online shopping or just some beautiful inspiration, I think one of these four businesses can help with that. :) See ya next week!


Newborn and Family Portraits, Virginia Portrait Photographer

Next up for the blog is two Virginia portrait sessions! I do work in Virginia because Brian and I went to college at Bridgewater and my in-laws live there…so the connections are still present. Only a small amount of my JFP work takes place in Virginia and it’s nice to have a taste of that “southern charm” every now and then. :)

I met Ashley and Josh last summer for their maternity session. It was a hot summer evening and Ashley was two months away from her due date. Then, three months later, I met them in their home for their newborn session with Miss Rory.

I remember sitting in their living room talking about life and work with Josh while Rory nursed. And I remember Ashley’s genuine smile and new mommy glow. They made me feel so welcome and are incredibly friendly people…I just know they’re going to be AWESOME parents!




Mommy-baby moments by the window in the nursery are some of my favorites. :)





Three-week old Rory holding on to Dad’s finger. :)







Daddy time!







So many good black and white portraits!




Rory got a little fussy towards the end, but Josh snuggled her and calmed her down. :)


She fell back asleep and we were able to get some close-ups…






Now it’s time for my nephew Joel and his parents! Joel is just three weeks younger than our Jack, so it’s been fun to watch them grow together…and it’s going to be so neat to continue to watch as they get older! They haven’t seen each other in a while and now that they’re both more mobile, it’ll be interesting to see them together during our next gathering. :) But enough about the two of them, check out Mr. Joel! He impressed me right from the start! Smiling and sitting and being super cute…he did so well!




We had some beautiful late-fall weather for their session! 60s and sunshine!


Heather’s mom made this blanket and it was very appropriate for pictures!


Haha so animated! :)



That picture on the right? It was on their Christmas card. Yay! :)


A family portrait favorite for me!









Awwweeee :)


Fun fact: We took pictures at their new house! It was still in the process of being built, but they moved in a month later! It really was a perfect spot for their session.







One more family portrait…on their front porch!