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Published: Casey Jo and Ryan in The Knot Pennsylvania-Delaware

As a photographer and business owner, it’s been a dream of mine to be published in The Knot. You all know The Knot, right? One of THE bridal magazines in the US. It’s one of the magazines that brides have to have when they get engaged and are planning their weddings. Skilled photographers and their work is featured in the magazine and thousands of people see it. I wanted that to be me, too.

Well, friends, my dream has come true! Casey Jo and Ryan’s BEAUTIFUL wedding has been published in the 2015 spring-summer issue of The Knot Pennsylvania & Delaware!! It’s not the national magazine, just the local print. But still! It’s The Knot! And hopefully lots of brides will be seeing this wedding when they go pick up their copy (not on newsstands yet)! And maybe one or two of them will give me a call!?! ;)

As soon as I stepped into Casey Jo and Ryan’s wedding last November, I KNEW it had to be shared! Not just on my blog and website, but shared for waaayyy more people to see! Shared in a magazine! It’s so cool that it actually happened. Casey Jo and Ryan totally deserved it! Thanks to The Knot, for such a wonderful opportunity. There are TONS more pictures to see than what was included in the feature, so make sure you check out Casey Jo and Ryan’s wedding blog post from last year. If you’re wedding planning right now, it’s sure to inspire you.

Here’s a look at the feature. :)




This picture will forever be a JFP fave! :)



Also, if you visit the Real Weddings section of The Knot’s website, you can see three other JFP weddings! Check out Amanda and Caleb, Lisa and Josh, and Ali and DJ here!

 And this past spring, Amanda and Caleb’s Benton Grove wedding was published and specially featured in WV Weddings magazine!






It’s fun seeing my work on something besides a computer screen. :)

November Anniversaries

I was sitting in a local coffee shop last Friday morning when writing this post. The snow was coming down and the roads were partially covered and a little slick. But it was only November 14th. Does this kind of weather really happen in mid-November? The snowy conditions definitely made it feel later than November, but also made me realize how quickly the past few months have gone. Weren’t we all just sitting outside enjoying the warmth and sunshine of summer? Yes we were.

I know I say it often, but time goes by so fast! I can’t believe it’s already November! And I can’t believe it’s been a year since Casey Jo and Ryan’s amazingly awesome November wedding. Their wedding was a dream for JFP and was one of the most beautiful, most unique weddings I’ve ever photographed. I was so honored and thrilled that they asked me to be a part of their day, and I smile every time I look back at their pictures. Sometimes I wish I could relive that wedding day. Enjoy Casey Jo and her family’s warm smiles and hugs. Photograph she and Ryan being all cute, snuggly and model-like. And be surrounded by the “sparkly romance” details that Team Casey Jo and Ryan put together. It was definitely a day to remember!

So with this November Anniversaries post, I say Happy First Anniversary to Casey Jo and Ryan! Can you believe it’s already been a year!?! I hope you’re still enjoying your wedding pictures…and still being all cute, snuggly and model-like together. :) You guys are so great! And so was your wedding day…

(Since this was my only November wedding in 2013, I’m sharing a few more pictures than I normally would for an anniversary post. :) )




Casey Jo was just STUNNING!


Coolest bridesmaids outfits ever!?! YES! :)






One of my favorite images from their day…











Oh the details!! Casey Jo, Ryan and their team overwhelmed with their work and creativity!
















Come back later this week for another SPECIAL look at Casey Jo and Ryan’s wedding! It’s a fun, exciting announcement, I promise. ;)

Weather Forecasts and Weddings: Deep Creek Lake MD Photographer

I had a bride text me last night saying she’s been praying for sunshine for her wedding this Saturday. Right now, the forecast is predicting cold temperatures (in the 30s!), sunshine and no rain, so my bride is pretty happy. Of course she’d rather it be warm, but she’s just happy it’s not supposed to rain.


I know almost every bride out there is probably guilty of looking at the weather forecast 5,379 times before their wedding day. They want good weather conditions for their outdoor ceremony, tent reception or pictures, so as soon as that long-term forecast is available, they’re checking! I did the same thing before my wedding day. Two weeks out, I started looking at the forecast and believing it.

Mary&TylerWedding0573It rained on my wedding day. It rained so much that the outdoor ceremony was relocated inside, guests carried umbrellas with them, and rain showers can be heard in our wedding video. But that’s not what the forecast said two weeks out. It said warm temperatures and no rain. But two weeks out? How accurate can that forecast be?

Elizabeth&ChaseSneakPeek12As a photographer scheduling outdoor sessions and photographing outdoor weddings, AND as a girl who had rain on her wedding day, I’ve learned to never believe the forecast until at least a couple days before. And that’s exactly what I told my bride last night. Yes she was happy there was no rain in the forecast, but she was hoping for not-so-cold temperatures. She did, however, decide to prepare for whatever weather conditions God might send us, making the most out of a potential not-so-ideal situation for pictures.


She bought a fancy umbrella in case it rains and a fur coat for some added warmth and style during pictures. That’s exactly what I would have advised her to do and that’s what I tell all my brides worried about weather forecasts for their wedding day. You can’t change the weather, so make the most of the rain and cold. See it as an opportunity to include pretty umbrellas, rain boots, shawls, colorful cardigans and fur coats (a personal favorite of mine!!) in your pictures! Such accessories add a little extra spunk and uniqueness to the pictures, they help withstand the weather conditions and they’re a great display of what your wedding day was really like.

All of the pictures in this post were taken on wedding days with not-so-ideal weather conditions. Rain and cold were part of the forecast, so the brides and grooms made the best of it by including umbrellas and warm coverings. And don’t their pictures still look great? Don’t they all look so happy and married!?! That’s what happens. You still get married and you still get some good pictures! It can also work for engagement sessions, too! See below. :)

So in closing, here are my two tips when it comes to weather forecasts and weddings: Don’t believe the forecast until at least a couple days out and make the most of not-so-ideal weather conditions with added accessories! Happy weather-forecast-watching!

Matt&AnnaEngagedSneakPeek9 AngieScottEngagedSneakPeek01