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August Anniversaries

I’ve seen a lot of “back to school” statuses and pictures on Facebook today. It’s a little hard to believe that summer is over for some people already. Back to work for the teachers, back to school for the kiddos. Summer, why did you go by so quickly? I love fall, but I don’t love what comes after fall. Summer and fall, can you just last a little longer? Maybe take up the entire year?

Since another month has come and gone, it’s time to celebrate FOUR JFP August anniversaries! August was a busy month for me in both 2012 and 2013, but not so much in 2014. I welcome the change of pace, and I do so with a special shout out to those celebrating one year of wedded bliss!

Happy Anniversary, Gina and Ed!








Happy Anniversary, Allison and Bob!








Happy Anniversary, Katie and Mike!







Happy Anniversary, Ali and DJ!








Thank you all so much for included me in your wedding day! I hope you’re enjoying your first anniversary…with champagne and that one-year-old cake! Here’s to many more years of fun and love! :)

Erica: Mommy & Me Portraits, Garrett County Photographer



Erica is a MOPS friend of mine. She’s cool, calm and collected, all of the time…and she has four kids! This woman has patience and I wish I could steal some from her. :)

Her cool, calm, collected and patient demeanor was tested during her “Mommy & Me” portrait session…and she did wonderfully! We had cancelled and rescheduled her session twice, so we were both determined to finally make it happen. Thunderstorms were in the forecast, but Erica decided to push through. Minutes before her session was to begin, she texted me from underneath a bridge on the interstate – they had to pull over because the rain and hail was so bad. At the same time, the sky at our house had turned navy blue in the distance. Were we going to have to reschedule again!?

The Smith clan hopped out of the car with smiles and no fear! We made our way down to the woods and began shooting immediately. And we worked quickly. The navy blue skies got closer and rain droplets had started falling. Thankfully, due to Erica’s stellar demeanor and organized, well-behaved kiddos, we were able to bang out a ton of good pictures! Before the rain…


Love these smiles from mama and her boys!


All four kiddos! Check out Colton being all swagger-ish, putting his hand in his pocket. :)





Isn’t Erica just beautiful??







We added dad for a few portraits, too!





Look at that sky!! This was lingering over us…until it opened up and poured!






Our final few dry portraits!




And then it poured! The seven of us took shelter under a blanket in the woods. I hopped out for a quick moment to capture this adventure!


We thought the rain was going to stop, stepped out from underneath our shelter and it began pouring again. Erica decided to embrace it and get some pictures in the rain!



What good sports, right!?! Erica and the kiddos happily laughed and screamed back up the hill. They were soaked and the session was over. But they embraced the situation and made me feel so much better about the unfortunate weather.




I know if I would have been the mom in that situation, I would have been flustered. Worrying about the rain, about getting wet and worrying about our pictures being ruined. But Erica didn’t see it that way at all. She saw it as an adventure with her kiddos and a unique way of making memories. Erica, you’re a rockstar! Thanks for coming to Garrett County! :)


Happy 5th Birthday JFP!

When I initially started writing this post, I wrote a few paragraphs about JFP’s story…about how I became a photographer and how JFP came to be. But then I realized that I’ve shared that story before, and that a sweet, abbreviated version is on my website.

So to celebrate JFP’s fifth birthday (Woo hoo! FIVE YEARS!!), I’m instead going to share some “fun facts” about what’s happened to the biz since officiallybeginning in July of 2009.

1. I’ve photographed over 100 weddings.
2. The business has “lived” in three different states – PA, WV and MD.
3. Wedding photography prices have gone from $700 to $1975-$3350.
4. A custom blog and website were put together.
5. The JFP brand has gone from yellow, black, and gray to yellow, pink and blue!
6. Substantial equipment investment has been made, including two computers, multiple lenses, flash systems, and back-ups.
7. I’ve traveled to Maine and the Bahamas for weddings.
8. Portrait and wedding clients have become friends.
9. Images have been published in magazines and featured on blogs.
10. My photography style and skills have improved immensely!

That’s just a little sampling of what JFP has done over the past five years. I’ve done a lot with the business and snapped my shutter too many times to count. I’m most happy with one of the biggest changes: my photography style and skills. Looking back at what my work used to look like is a little scary. BUT it allows me to see how much I’ve learned and how well I’ve practiced my craft since the beginning. I wasn’t as sharp with my camera nor with finding/knowing good light. I also wasn’t awesome at editing either. Take a look at some examples from my first few sessions as JFP…

ZX0X0129 print

ZX0X0175 print

ZX0X1021 print

ZX0X1110 print

Fun fact: These two lovebirds are expecting their THIRD GIRL this fall! :)

ZX0X1782 print

ZX0X1909 print

Another fun fact: These two girls now have a third sister in their family.

ZX0X7979 print

ZX0X8054 print

Last fun fact: This heavy contrast is no fun, in my eyes. Sorry about that, Kayla and Scott!ZX0X8554 print bw

ZX0X8894 print

As “elementary” as these images may be, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. This business is all about the art I produce, and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to push through and come into my own creative style as a photographer. Thank you to all those “early bird” clients who trusted me. You allowed me to get my start and really helped build a strong base for JFP. :)

I’m so happy with JFP’s growth. I never would have thought I’d be where I am today in the business, but I’m so thankful for it. I can work from home and make my own schedule. I can travel to beautiful venues and photograph people in love. I can produce pictures and art that people will cherish forever. Thanks for that, JFP…and everyone that has been a part of it so far! HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY to this little biz of mine!!!